My Young Life Experience

            For all of you who have never heard of young life before, it is a Christian organization that reaches out to preteens and teenagers through amazing staff and leaders to teach and introduce Jesus. Young life has never been a place where people judge you, everyone is welcome. Whether you have a relationship with Jesus and are looking to better grow this relationship with him and the amazing people involved in Young Life or you have never even heard of who Jesus is, this is the place to be.

                I grew up going to a Slavic church and learned the foundation of my religion but being young, I was clueless about why religion was important. Going into the 6th grade, I ended up moving to Bellevue. This was really hard considering the fact I knew absolutely no one. Once the school year began I met some really cool people who introduced me to their friends. I became a part of this friend group that always talked about Young life and it sounded like lots of fun. Of course, I never asked about it because I was afraid of being left out and I thought “oh it’s their thing” but what I quickly learned was that Young Life was for everyone. Around Christmas time I went to club for the first time and I walked in very nervous but left with the biggest smile on my face. The night was filled with games and activities and it ended with a short and sweet sermon about Jesus. After that night I knew I wanted to be involved. Each month I looked forward to club and made amazing friendships with new people and my leaders.

In seventh grade I was able to go to a Young Life summer camp at Creekside. I cannot fully explain in words how that week changed me and opened my eyes, but I can say that I was blessed with an amazing opportunity and it was the beginning of my incredible relationship with Jesus Christ. Young life is not some organization that shoves their beliefs down your throats, it is a safe place for amazing pastors to share their knowledge about the lord and introduce him to people who are open to listening. Whether you accept Jesus at camp or somewhere else, everyone in Young Life is going to supportive and by your side the entire time. Since Creekside, I have attended three Young life camps and they have always been the highlight of my summers. I encourage anyone who has heard of Young Life but hasn’t had the chance to look into it, to be open minded, take a chance, and get involved. Sadly I have heard many people say that they’ve always wanted to go to Young Life but have been scared because of a fear of being left out. Young Life is an accepting place, it is a great place to meet friends from other schools and even people who go to the same school as you.

Lastly I would like to talk about some amazing Young Life leaders. These people without a doubt are the kindest and most outgoing people you will ever meet. These leaders will attend your school events whether its sports or drama, they genuinely care. I would also like to thank my leaders Annie Meadows and Lauren Miller. I have not known Lauren as long as Annie but she is so amazing! Through Lauren I got involved in a church that became my home. I felt comfortable and was growing my relationship with Jesus every day.  And Annie, Annie is someone who puts everyone before herself, the most selfless human on this planet. I can honestly call her whenever I need to talk, vent, ask for prayers, or just to speak to an amazing friend. I love both these girls so much and would have never had begun my relationship with Jesus if it wasn’t for them.

Young Life has inspired me to do so much with my faith such as go on missionaries, be on work crew and summer staff. I hope that in the future I could be a Young Life leader and inspire girls similarly to how my leaders motivated me. I encourage everybody to look into Young Life to see if it is something that could better your own relationship with Jesus. For people who are uncertain and are uneasy about faith, come see what Young Life is all about, no pressure, just a fun time.


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