Fighting off Temptation

Each person on this world has certain morals and values that they may follow and unfortunately there are things that often challenge one’s beliefs. Especially during adolescence, we are often faced with temptations and situations causing us to rethink our values. You can call these temptations “the Devil’s way of getting to you.” Usually, our reevaluation and separation from values come from sins that may be very pleasing to us. Sins call out to us, and the devil wants to excite us to pull us away from what we truly believe and from what God has in store for us, so for this post I will talk about, Alcohol, just one example of a temptation that could alter our values and morals.

Alcohol itself is not a sin and you will not be damned to hell by God for drinking, it is was comes from drinking that causes Sin. Just to clarify, at camp this year, Sin vs. sins was more thoroughly described to me, sins are the actions we commit to create “Sin”, and Sin is the overall separation from Jesus. Back to the example of alcohol, alcohol is not an awful thing but it becomes a Sin when a person seeks comfort from alcohol in situations where they need to rely on someone. Instead of looking to the father God for comfort and advice, someone may be tempted by alcohol to try to convey a solution to all of someone’s problems and this is the Devil’s temptations.

In most situations, the Devil tempts us with things that we believe will be good for us in the long run that will provide us things such as popularity, “good memories”, and an easy way out of a situation. The Bible says “And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light” 2 Corinthians 11:14. But once we cave in to Devil’s doing, we begin to lose sight of God’s plan for us and we take the crown off of his head and we place it on our own. My experience with temptations also comes down to parties and this need to fit in, and impress others in hopes that maybe just maybe if I  can advertise myself as wild and fun and toss away my values, that I will have a great high school experience in the future, which is completely wrong. Eventually the excitement and adrenalin you may have from all the fun will die and you will feel as if you have no guidance for you because you turned your head away from God’s initial plan for you. And at the end of the day, no one will care if you didn’t go to the party, or if you didn’t drink. “Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour” 1 Peter 5:8.

And I’m not saying that drinking or parties is going to ruin your relationship with God, but I am saying that like any other temptation, the more you use it to hide from problems and solve issues, the more distant you will become from God. Having a drink will not make you a bad person, it is controlling how much you drink and what the drinking will lead to that is important. Very recently I had a conversation about this topic with my cousin and she told me a very interesting story that her dad told her:

As Christians we may feel left out and even jealous of those who party, get drunk, look as if they are having the time of our lives. We want so badly to forget about our issues and resort to drugs and parties for a thrill, and when we do, the devil is so happy and he smiles knowing that we are distancing ourselves from our relationship with Jesus Christ. It is not as if you will come home at night blacked out drunk, get on your knees and pray to have a good sleep. And my uncle told my cousin, do you not think that God feels jealous when he sees you doing what everyone is doing, he sees his children distancing themselves from him and he is sad. He, just like ourselves, feels jealousy. It is crazy to know that there is a God who is constantly watching you, loving you and wanting the best for you. I will not lie, I often question God and think “but why is my life not going well if God wants the best for me?” and this is because we must be as open to a relationship with God and Jesus, and want to feel his presence with us just like he wants us. As we open our eyes, and take the crowns off our heads, we are opening our lives up to an endless amount of opportunity that God has planned for us.


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