the importance of fellowship

Please excuse my very long absence from this blog, it has been about 8 weeks to be exact. During these many weeks, my life has just about taken a complete 180 degree turn which 1) caused the most irritating writer’s block and 2) brought me to realize some very important things in my life. One of which being the importance of fellowship. Fellowship is not just a group of people coming together, it is creating a family and learning through each other. Not only is fellowship important in church, it is also so important everywhere else in a person’s life; school, friends, sports.

 I had this strong interest to understand what others thought of fellowship so I asked a couple friends of mine to describe how fellowship plays a role in the lives of people. Fellowship is “the coming together of people who are passionate about the same thing. People who seek advice, knowledge, and other people’s perspective on life and all that comes with it. Fellowship comes with different emotions, but no matter whether it be tears or laughter, an individual always leaves feeling encouraged. Fellowship is not a group of people who just sit in a circle and talk about their feelings, fellowship can be cooking together, reading the bible, and many other things. There has so be a form of communication and interaction going on” (Tanya Nikitova). Another described fellowship as “something that helps grow your confidence but not in a negative way. Not meaning it will make you too prideful, but it will give a person the confidence to communicate and relate to people in the future. Fellowship does not define you because your identity is in Christ, but it reveals the kind of person you are. The fellowship and friends you surround yourself with describes who you are. Fellowship allows you to grow as a person and learn through friends and the memories you share. Fellowship usually comes from common interests and goals” (Lauren Pilat).

Throughout the week, a thought took over my mind, “how and why is everything in my life changing so fast?” This thought ate away at my head for days till I broke out in tears, unsure whether I liked the changes or not, I began to think of reasons my life was changing. And I realized that most of the changes in my life came from fellowship and my fear came from the thoughts at my head telling me I didn’t deserve to have such an amazing partnership with a group of amazing people. Looking back to the summer, if anyone asked if I thought I would attend youth at a Russian church or involve myself in the Slavic community, in all honesty I would have laughed in their face. I admit, I judged before putting myself out there because I was scared. I was scared of being judged, afraid of missing out on big social events, and now, church and these amazing people I met are my favorite things. The fellowship and connection between each person creates a safe and loving environment allowing everyone to feel accepted, welcomed, and let them grow in common beliefs. And I will say this again because it is so true, fellowship is important everywhere, not just church. Imagine living in a world where no one believed in the same things you did and people were against all your interests and hobbies, the response to drop your beliefs will be much stronger then fighting for them because we as humans need connections with people.

I encourage everyone, whether you have strong beliefs and love to share them or even if you are confused and alone, to reach out, find companionship and wonderful fellowship and don’t be afraid to communicate with others about your interests. Please feel free to message me on any social media if you have any further questions about fellowship, because fellowship goes much deeper than just on the surface of a person.

IMG_0120– a strong fellowship led me to many amazing opportunities I never could have imagined before such as assisting the kids classes at church.


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