Pick a Side

Everyone knows that when you’re at a lake, you either stay out completely or go for a swim.  It is practically torturous easing the bottom half of your body in, while keeping the rest out. So my question to you is, when we know that being half in is not as good as being completely in, why are there so many lukewarm people? When it comes to religion, people often assume that when we enter God’s presence, we need to be at our strongest. As if God didn’t know who we were at the coming to His cross, as well as who we were/are going to be. But take a moment and ask yourself how your life would be if you went all in for Jesus.  ( And I’m not talking about making yourself a ‘perfect’ person from the outside. The beauty of Jesus is that we don’t cover up. We admit our mistakes and flaws and allow God to mold us and shape us into His image.) Scary, am I right? I mean no more parties, drinking, lying. Wrong. It’s not about the things you do, instead it’s how those things are affecting your relationship with God. Because Christianity is not about anything else but your intimacy with Christ. When giving your life to God, change is not immediate, your desires will gradually change, therefore bringing a change to your own self. (and so will yourself.) Imagine your life going two directions, a true north or a gravitational north, where your true north is a beautiful paradise and your gravitational north is bland and boring. The only way to find the destination of your true north is with God. Your gravitational North is the destination where forces are pulling you away from your true north and God. It is very easy to be lukewarm because when things get tough there are easy escape routes, no specific morals guiding you down the right path. You cannot be living a part of your life for the devil and other parts for God when you feel like it. Thinking realistically, there really is no point to the world, we are born, we live, and then we die. Coming from dust and returning back to it. But there must be a purpose for us here, a cause. Don’t you ever wonder why you are here. YOU. Out of all other people that could have been here, for some intention you were born. You could have not been here, but you are still here. For what?  If you don’t have a cause, something to live for and fight for, how do you think you will get anywhere great? Or anywhere at all, as a matter of fact. When you are all in for Jesus, you are setting the foundation of your cause, and you have already beat the battle ahead of you, the (battle) opposing force simply isn’t aware of its failure. Lukewarm is weakness, without anyone to fight for you, stand up for you, and help you. Being lukewarm means a weak foundation. If a home is built from the ground using mud paste to keep the bricks together, a storm that comes by will knock the home over, destroying it completely. But a home built with sturdy cement blocks will survive the storm. It is the foundation that holds the home together, and your foundation holds you together. If you don’t have any foundation, you have nothing to lose, nothing to treasure. Your weak foundation will destroy all the good things in your life. However a strong foundation will be the cause of your built preciousness, lasting for all eternity. Treasures that will never lose its value. (Keep all your treasures.) If the foundation is wrong, if it’s not Jesus, the rest is all off. That is why being lukewarm is worse than not believing in God at all.

The dictionary defines ‘lukewarm’, when speaking of people, as unenthusiastic. How boring. The 21st century is all about adventure, thrill, and risk; enthusiasm. So why suffer being seemingly enthusiastic about something or someone, while secretly having no passion in your heart.

Ephesians 2:20

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