INSPO for mind and soul

Just a little daily Inspiration for your day because I’m feeling excited… and Old.

It’s crazy how, one moment you’re a little kid dressed up in costumes and having a widest imagination possible, and in just a blink of an eye, life just flashes by. Now we sit at desks, listening to lectures and work our asses off just so we can have a successful future. I am currently sitting at in my photography classroom, realizing that we have ONE WEEK LEFT of this school year, and it is unbelievable that the peers that I have had since a little girl are almost to the end of this whole high school thing. The worst part of this fast pace thing we call “life”, is the constant question we students receive “what are you going to do next?” honestly… I DON’T HAVE ANY IDEA. I change my mind about the type of cereal I want to eat every morning and you know what, that is okay. We are in no rush. I don’t need to decide the rest of my future in just a few months. Take time. Chew on the ideas you have and be open-minded to new ones entering your life. Never drop a passion or hobby because you believe it won’t get you anywhere. Take it, work with it, and be what you want to be because the next time you open your eyes, you’ll be 20 years in the future wondering why you never took advantage of the opportunities you had before.

Become the person you want to become, and do not let society change you on the way. Life is a blessing and it should be fun. That cute boy/girl you always pass in the hall but have never had the guts to say anything to, give them a smile or how about this crazy idea, ASK THEM TO LUNCH. It amazes me how many “rules” there are to be a teenager, you must watch the things that you say and do to not “embarrass” yourself and there is a wide range of  things that qualify as embarrassing these days. What happened to just having fun and being your own person? My final thought, find the people who make you happy. Don’t surround yourself with people who will just drain the life out of you and shut down your ideas. If you feel like you need to act a certain way to please someone, you are in the wrong place buddy. Eventually, those people will take out of the special qualities about you that make you unique and the world would have missed out on something great. And if you feel like there is no one who can relate to you, there are. It is ridiculous how similar us people are, and if we open our minds to it and be accepting of new ideas, our lives would be much more adventurous and lived to the fullest potential of happiness.

To summarize my ideas that are scattered all over the place (probably due to my excessive caffeine intake and the excitement of turning 16) live life and enjoy every moment of it with the people you love, because we only get one life.


ONE MORE SIDE NOTE: listen to this song because it will change your life.


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